Enhancing Your Website with JavaScript

JavaScript: A Powerful Tool for Web Development

JavaScript is a versatile scripting language that can be used to create a variety of special effects on your web page. These effects can range from link effects, mouseovers, image roll overs, to complex navigational systems.

Scripts to Kickstart Your JavaScript Journey

Here are some scripts that can help you get started with JavaScript:

Navigation Bar

This script, a combination of JavaScript and HTML (also known as DHTML), allows you to create a mouseover navigational menu at the top of your web page. This navigation menu is similar to the one used at Microsoft.com. You can find this script at Brainjar.

Dynamic Splash Screen

The Dynamic Splash Screen script allows you to set up a splash screen for your web page. This script is constructed using a single page and includes a “Skip Intro” link. You can find this script at Dynamic Drive.

Pausing Up and Down Menu Scroller

This script allows you to have linked text that scrolls upwards and pauses between each message. You can customize the background color and box size. You can find this script at Dynamic Drive.


The overLIB script allows you to create mouseover popup boxes for your text links. You can find this script at Bosrup.

Source Protector

The Source Protector script deters those wanting to steal your code by displaying an alert box when you right click on your mouse. You can find this script at JavaScript Page.

Right Click Menu

This script prevents your code from being stolen and creates a pop-up navigation menu. You can find this script at HTML 4U.

Banner Rotator

The Banner Rotator script allows you to rotate banners on your web page. You can find this script at JavaScript Page.

Daily Tip

The Daily Tip script allows you to display a daily tip on your website. You can find this script at HTML 4U.

FairWell Window Launcher

The FairWell Window Launcher script launches a new window when your visitor leaves your site. You can find this script at WS Abstract.

Additional Resources

For more JavaScript scripts, visit JavaScript Internet. For DHTML scripts, visit Dynamic Drive. To learn more about JavaScript, visit the JavaScript Learning Center.

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